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For a happy and blissful life not only physical health but mental health matters too!! So here we are for your holistic health and well-being. Ours is currently an online platform which provides you highly experienced and capable therapist whose aim is to understand your issues and provide solutions which brings change in your life till the core.


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Kids Therapy

Changing times have challenged us in exceptional ways to find, to protect and empower

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Family Therapy

A strongly bonded family copes with major life stressors and traumatic events with ease

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Parent Counselling

Often Parenting and raising children can be challenging. It leads to self doubt

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Individual Counselling

Mental health is an integral and essential component of everyone’s health

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Couple Counselling

Healthy Relationship is the strongest base of the person’s life. However it has

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Anxiety Disorder

Intense and constant worrying and fear in everyday situation can make a happy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Counseling and Therapy?

  • Counseling and therapy are suitable form of help for a variety of personal problems or concerns, the most common being depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship difficulties, life crises and traumas, addictions, self-defeating behavior and dissatisfied ambitions.
  • It can help with issues of loss, confusion and other negative conditions.
  • It can also be used more educationally to learn various life skills. For an example how to relax, be more assertive, deal with stress and lead a more fulfilling life.

How to book a session?

  • You can reach out to us at 7976923611 between 10 AM to 5 PM on all Monday to Saturday.
  • Email counselling: You can write to us at anytime of the day on all days, and we'll get back to you within 2 working days.
  • A common misconception is that such services should only be used in moments of crisis. You can reach out to Mimansa Counselling Services any time you are feeling emotionally upset.

How is it different than taking help from a friend or closed ones?

  • Counselling skills may be said to differ from every day, casual conversation with closed ones. While ordinary conversation is characterized by casual, perhaps somewhat inattentive listening, a key counselling skill is active listening which involves your therapist’s conscious discipline of setting aside one's own preoccupations in order to concentrate as fully as possible on what the other person is expressing. This may involve a high level of awareness of one's own prejudices.
  • While ordinary conversation may contain a great deal of interaction, stories, sharing thoughts and ideas and changing the subject aimlessly, another key counselling skill involves the discipline of responding mainly to the other person, in a purposeful, non-judgemental and often rather serious way, which tends to mean that such conversation usually has a somewhat one-way character.
  • While ordinary conversation is not usually constrained by any agreements about confidentiality, counselling is backed up by either an implicit or explicit understanding about confidentiality.
  • While ordinary conversation is often thought to be 'natural' and to have no particular rules governing it, counselling skills may often feel or be experienced as somewhat unnatural. For example, your counsellor strives to understand very accurately and demonstrate this striving by sometimes repeating parts of the other's statements in order to clarify or deepen understanding.
  • While much ordinary conversation wanders across many subjects with no necessary goal, Counselling is generally associated with some sort of goal, be at helping with decision-making, offering an opportunity to dis charge emotions, offering alternative interpretations or suggesting strategies for making desired changes.

How can online counseling be as effective as offline counseling?

  • When it comes to online counseling, I have seen my clients worrying how effective it will be with their progress but with my experience I have seen the positive change in the client's journey and healing just as one expects from personal one to one counseling. Along with that it is more approachable, easy to connect at your own comfort of your space.
  • It is understood that a person thinks a lot before visiting a clinic, but it is easier for them to reach out through call, chat or video call and from any place in the world.
  • Even in emergency situations when person is travelling, it gives them opportunity to connect to their therapist and work on themselves in different situations and with new people, sometimes before a work meeting or a family meeting as well.
  • Online mental health services has been a true blessings for indians who are in a broad as it helps them to connect to somebody from their own land with nominal fees which doesn't make them feel lonely in foreign land and be in touch with their home land as well.
  • Furthermore it is affordable and most convenient services which gives you lot of healing and emotional support just like you feel in inperson sessions.
  • If you have any doubts further, you can give yourself therapy gift and feel it's effectiveness by yourself :)

What are the things to keep in mind before going for a therapy?

  • Therapy is giving safe space to yourself and starting your healing journey.
  • It is a good fit and healing relationship between you and your therapist.
  • It works efficiently with client’s readiness to be helped.
  • You need to sit in a quite place alone for therapy session.
  • It is confidential and nonjudgmental.
  • It is a journey done with your therapist which needs ones time and patience as good things takes time.

Why to refer oneself and closed ones for therapy?

  • We often feel guilty about reaching out to friends and family constantly. We fear their judgement, or we may not want to share sensitive information with those close to us. In Counselling, you will get to connect with a trained mental health professional who will provide you with an unbiased, safe and confidential space where you can comfortably share your thoughts, emotions and experiences.
  • Sometimes, a loved one may be going through a tough time and you may not know how to help them. You can reach out to Mimansa Couseling Services on behalf of your loved one to find out how to support them and minimize the emotional distress they are going through.